Zundamon Ga Ippai

Zundamon Ga Ippai

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ETA Jan '24

This is a distribution title courtesy of KAIJU PANDA RECORD. 

NAMIGROOVE has won numerous prizes in The Vocaloid Collection's Rookie competition and is making waves in the Vocaloid world in 2023.

The addictive 1st Album "Zundamon Ga Ippai" created from Zundamon (Zunda mochi sprite) will be released as an analog record!!

Namiguru's CD sold out immediately at the Niconico Chokaigi, and the music has been included in the popular rhythm game "HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE!", creating a stir in the Vocaloid world.

The 1st Album, a collection of pop and funky songs using "Zundamon" popular on video sites, is now available on analog vinyl with high sound quality at 45 rpm!
With a catchy melody but sophisticated bass line, and a saxophone solo performed by Namiguru herself, this is an addictive piece that is not only cute.