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Very Ok Vinyl proudly presents...

Necrosphere OST on vinyl!

Composed by Juliane Andrezzo and Caio Lopez, produced by Juliane Andrezzo. 

This is the fast paced, chippy soundtrack to the two button relentless metroidvania released by Cat Nigiri. 

Necrosphere follows Terry Cooper, who was fatally injured in an ambush, as he journeys though the Necrosphere to attempt to get back to the world of the living. Available on the PS4 / Vita / Switch / Steam!

The jacket has...
- Beautifully embossed front art.
- Spot UV on front and back.
- 20pt jacket.
- 140g vinyl.
- Hot pink record with a white splatter.

Limited to 300 copies. 
A small amount are also available at Ship to Shore Phono Co!

Track List:
Side A
1. Necrosphere Theme 01:28
2. Welcome to Necrosphere (Red Theme) 02:26
3. Necrowave (Yellow Theme) 04:48
4. They Live (Green Theme) 04:42

Side B
5. Life and Death (Purple Theme) 04:32
6. The Horse is the White of the Eyes and Dark Within 02:14
7. Let's Rock (Inner Seal Theme) 02:25
8. Istanistan (Ending Theme) 04:03

UK customers can purchase at Chipfreq!

Listen to the full OST here!