VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection *PREORDER*
VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection *PREORDER*
VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection *PREORDER*
VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection *PREORDER*
Black Screen Records

VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection *PREORDER*

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ETA June 2022

Very Ok Vinyl
 is proud to present, from our friends at Black Screen Records...

. To celebrate everyone's favourite cyberpunk waifu bartending game's 5th anniversary, we are very excited to release Garoad’s complete soundtrack as a special 5xLP boxset with brand new original artwork by aurahack (@aurahack).

The full soundtrack was newly remastered especially for this boxset by our long-time collaborator Christian Bethge and comes in a deluxe rigid board slipcase with pink foil & matte foil lamination and includes a heavy-weight 300g 12" art print with aurahack’s beautiful CD front artwork.

The 3mm spined disc inner sleeves feature gorgeous portraits of our favourite characters from the game: JillDana*Kiri* MikiAlma & Gaby. The "Complete Sound Collection" includes all 75 tracks (3+ hours of music) from the albums "VA-11 HALL-A: Prologue""VA-11 HALL-A: Second Round" and "VA - 11 HALL - A EX: Bonus Tracks Collection".


• Newly remastered for this box by Christian Bethge
• Brand new original artwork by aurahack (@aurahack)
• Rigid board slipcase with pink foil & matte foil lamination
• 3mm spined disc sleeves with matte varnish & poly-lined inner sleeves
• 12" art print on heavy-weight 300g cardboard with CD art and liner notes


A01 Hopes and Dreams
A02 A Neon Glow Lights the Way
A03 Welcome to VA-11 HALL- A
A04 Every Day is Night
A05 Neon District
A06 Dusk
A07 Strictly Business (Music by David Nyman)

B01 Drive Me Wild
B02 Commencing Simulation
B03 Good for Health, Bad for Education
B04 Who Was I?
B05 Troubling News
B06 Heart of the City
B07 A New Frontier
B08 A Gaze That Invited Disaster

C01 A. Rene
C02 Skyline
C03 Spirit Potion (Music by David Nyman)
C04 JC Elton’sB31
C05 A City That Never Sleeps
C06 Friendly Conversation
C07 Follow the Trail
C08 Snowfall (SenzaFine Remix)

D01 Digital Drive
D02 A Star Pierces the Darkness
D03 Glitch City
D04 Safe Haven
D05 Shine Spark (ft. Adriana Figueroa)
D06 Shine Spark (Instrumental Version)
D07 Every Day is Night (FamilyJules Arrange)

E01 Synthestitch
E02 All Systems, Go!
E03 Umemoto
E04 Meet the Staff
E05 Neo Avatar
E06 Tense

F01 Base of the Titans
F02 CALICOMP 1.1 Startup
F03 CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown
F04 Better Luck Next Time
F05 March of the White Knights
F06 Out of Orbit
F07 Transition I
F08 Transition II

G01 Through the Storm, We Will Find a Way
G02 An Alternate Reality
G03 Showtime!
G04 Another Satisfied Customer
G05 Where Do I Go From Here?
G06 Will You Remember Me?
G07 Everything Will Be Okay
G08 Your Love is a Drug (ft. Adriana Figueroa)

H01 Metropolis
H02 Karmotrine Dream
H03 Your Love is a Drug
H04 Underground Club
H05 Go! Go! Streaming-Chan!
H06 Base of the Titans (Sage Remix)
H07 Lifebeat of Lilim (ft. Adriana Figueroa)
H08 Lifebeat of Lilim (Instrumental Version)
H09 Truth

I01 Nighttime Maneuvers
I02 Those Who Dwell in Shadows
I03 The Girl With the Iron Heart
I04 With Renewed Hope, We Continue Forward
I05 The Answer Lies Within
I06 Last Call
I07 Final Result

J01 You've Got Me
J02 Snowfall
J03 Dawn Approaches
J04 Reminiscence
J05 Believe in Me Who Believes in You
J06 Until We Meet Again
J07 Every Day is Night (Live Arrange)