The Story of Thor
The Story of Thor
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The Story of Thor

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Story of Thor (also known as Beyond Oasis), the Megadrive's cult action RPG, with its original soundtrack composed by Yûzô Koshiro, available for the very first time on vinyl!

Developed by Ancient (Yûzô Koshiro's studio), The Legend of Thor left its mark on several generations of gamers right from its release in 1994, offering rich gameplay and an enchanting soundtrack, the fruit of meticulous composition work by Yûzô Koshiro. The Story of Thor is recognized as one of the A-RPG classics on Sega's console.

For this newly remastered vinyl Edition, the music was directly recorded from a Megadrive console following a meticulous process to obtain the best sound quality.

The vinyl edition includes 34 tracks on two translucent discs inserted in a gatefold sleeve with an illustrated 12-page booklet.


A1. Introduction
A2. Awakening
A3. To Begin
A4. Peaceful
A5. Battle
A6. The Story of Thor
A7. Holiness
A8. Aqua

B1. Burning Cave
B2. Fortress
B3. Vessel
B4. Indication
B5. Stone Place
B6. Boundless Cliff
B7. Raging Wind
B8. Abyss

C1. Mysterious Green
C2. Chaos
C3. Evil Territory
C4. Water Cave
C5. The Huge Creature
C6. Voice From Darkside
C7. Last Battle
C8. Triumph
C9. Item Get!
C10. Magic Jewel 

D1. Encounter
D2. Requiem
D3. Concentration
D4. Fire Ball
5 Deep Hole
6 Confession
7 Ending
8 Master Mind