Sins of Hyrule - ROZEN (2xLP Vinyl) [2nd Edition GOLD]
Sins of Hyrule - ROZEN (2xLP Vinyl) [2nd Edition GOLD]
Sins of Hyrule - ROZEN (2xLP Vinyl) [2nd Edition GOLD]
Sins of Hyrule - ROZEN (2xLP Vinyl) [2nd Edition GOLD]
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Sins of Hyrule - ROZEN (2xLP Vinyl) [2nd Edition GOLD]

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This is a Very Ok Vinyl Distribution Title. 

Deluxe double vinyl version of Sins of Hyrule by Rozen. Features album art by Alderion-al, layout design by Diego Jimenez. 


"In this era, the wounds inflicted on the 
land during the battle between the 
goddess and the demon king known as 
Demise have not yet healed." - Zelda 

This album explores the eternal conflict between the goddess Hylia and the Evil of evils, Demise, across the dimensions of time. Featuring music from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild. 

A sonic experience that embraces epic music with electronic flavors. Live instruments, huge percussion, choir, hybrid elements, and dreamy vocals.

Materia Collective presents 

a production by Rozen Audio 

Producers: Rozen, Sebastian Wolff 
Album art designer: Diego Jimenez (
Illustrations by: Alderion-al (
Lore Consultant: Captain Trina (

All music arranged, produced and performed by Rozen 

Recorded and mixed at Rozen Audio in Los Angeles 
Mastered by Jett Galindo at The Bakery in Los Angeles 

Julie Elven, Vocalist on Track 4 
Laura Intravia, Vocalist on Track 1 
Reven, Vocalist on Tracks 2, 8, 10, 11 
May Claire La Plante, Vocalist on Track 5 
Ro Rowan, Cello on Tracks 4, 12 
Mason Lieberman, Cello on Track 13 
Kristin Naigus, Bansuri, Oboe, Ocarina on Tracks 6, 11 
Patti Rudisill, Violin on Track 9 
Maxxxwell Carlisle, Electric Guitar on Track 10 

Reven, Soprano 
May Claire La Plante, Soprano 
Trisha Hildebrandt, Soprano 
Emily Berger, Alto 
Michelle Deco, Alto 

Jeff Swingle, Tenor 
Heath Hyman, Tenor 
John Calsbeek, Baritone 
Rozen, Baritone 

ETHEReal String Orchestra 
The London Strings at Abbey Road Studios 

Theophany, Add. Prod. on track 10 
Theophany, Assistant Rec Engineer on track 14 
Jose Madrid, Mixing on track 7 
Reven, Score Prep 

©Ⓟ 2017 Materia Collective LLC under exclusive license from Rozen 

The Legend of Zelda properties are © Nintendo. Rozen, Materia Collective LLC and its artists in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Nintendo with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 1998 Nintendo and are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by re:discover, Inc. d/b/a Loudr.