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Science Fiction

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  • First ever Hikaru Utada greatest hits album
  • Pressed on black triple vinyl
  • Featuring Sheena Ringo

Since her debut with the single “Automatic / time will tell” released on December 9, 1998, Hikaru Utada has continued to create pop music that is both innovative and catchy. This is the first all-time best album on vinyl, selected by Utada herself from all of her works produced over the past 25 years.

The 26 tracks on the album have been enhanced with three re-recordings and 10 newly mixed versions. Also included are the 2024 releases "What Color is the Flower" and "Electricity." The analog version was cut at half speed by Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios in London.

Track List

1 Addicted To You (Re-Recording)
2 First Love (2022 Mix)
3 Hanataba wo Kimini
4 One Last Kiss
5 SAKURA Drops (2024 Mix)
6 Anata
7 Can You Keep A Secret? (2024 Mix)
8 Michi
9 Prisoner Of Love (2024 Mix)
10 Hikari (Re-Recording)
11 Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- (2024 Mix)
12 Goodbye Happiness (2024 Mix)
13 traveling (Re-Recording)
14 Beautiful World (2024 Mix)
15 Automatic (2024 Mix)
16 Kimi ni Muchuu
17 Naniiro Demo Nai Hana
18 Hatsukoi
19 Time
20 Letters (2024 Mix)
21 BAD Mode
22 COLORS (2024 Mix)
23 Nijikan Dake no Vacance featuring Sheena Ringo
24 Gold
25 Electricity
26 Somewhere Near Marseilles (Sci-Fi Edit) [Bonus Track]