Ruby // Sapphire // Emerald
Ruby // Sapphire // Emerald
Mana Wave Media

Ruby // Sapphire // Emerald

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ETA DEC 2024 - JAN 2025

This is a distribution title courtesy of Mana Wave Media.


This 4xLP box set includes HD recreations of all 124 songs present in the original games. Featuring legendary artwork by Sh0tze, this box set features an embossed outer shell, metallic silverboard 24pt jackets, printed inner sleeves and special finishing touches.

Jammin' Sam Miller has worked painstakingly over the course of months, sourcing and recreating the lush, trumpet heavy sounds of the world of Hoenn in a modern, uncompressed state. These covers were recreated from the original HEX data by Sam, note by note by ear, researching and tracking down the original sample patches and hardware available at the time and translating them to a modern studio environment unhindered by both the compression to fit on the the GBA cartridge size and the GBA speakers themselves.

All tracks can be listened to on Sam's YouTube channel (please note, his recreations are constantly being tweaked and improved, so minor differences from the final songs may be present).

Pokemon is © The Pokémon Company. Mana Wave Media, LLC and its respective artists are in no way associated, authorized, endorsed by, or officially connected with The Pokemon Company with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © Nintendo and are used with permission via mechanical licensing. Mechanical licensing facilitated by Legacy Productions Inc. d/b/a Easy Song Licensing. © 2024 Mana Wave Media, LLC.


Side A

Opening Movie: Setting out on a Journey in the Hoenn Region
Opening Movie: Double Battles
Title Screen: Main Theme 
Littleroot Town
Birch Pokémon Lab
H-Help Me!
Battle! (Wild Pokémon)
Victory! (Wild Pokémon)
Route 101
Oldale Town 
Pokémon Center
Pokémon Healed 
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Youngster) 
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Lass)
Battle! (Trainer Battle)
Victory! (Trainer Battle)
Level Up! 
Petalburg City 
Hurry Along!

Side B

Route 104  
Petalburg Forest 
Team Magma Appears! 
Battle! (Team Aqua / Team Magma) 
Victory! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)
Rustboro City
Trainers' School 
Crossing the Sea 
Dewford Town 
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Tuber♀) 
Slateport City
Oceanic Museu 
Route 110 

Side C

Game Corner 
Reel Time 
Verdanturf Town  
Route 113   
Fallarbor Town  
Cable Car 
Mt. Chimney
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Hiker)  
Route 111 
Pokémon Gym  
Battle! (Gym Leader) 
Victory! (Gym Leader) 
Obtained a Badge!  

Side D

Obtained a TM! 
Route 119 
Fortree City   
Route 120  
Safari Zone
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Gentleman) 
Lilycove City
Move Deleted  
Battle! (Brendan/May)
Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!  
Poké Mart  

Side E

Mt. Pyre Interior
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Psychic)
Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Hex Maniac)
Mt. Pyre Exterior 
Obtained an Item! 
Team Aqua Appears! 
Battle! (Team Aqua/Team Magma Leaders) 
The Super-Ancient Pokémon Awaken! 
Heavy Rain 
Sootopolis City 
Cave of Origin
Abnormal Weather
Rayquaza Appears
Battle! (Super-Ancient Pokémon) 

Side F

Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Swimmer♀)  
Ever Grande City  
Obtained a Berry!   
Contest Lobby   
Pokémon Contest!    
Results Announcement  
Contest Winner   
Sealed Chamber  
Battle! (Regirock/Regice/Registeel) 
The Trick House
Abandoned Ship  
Battle Tower 
Battle (Mew)
Deoxys Appears
Battle (Deoxys)

Side G

Victory Road   
Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Cooltrainer)
The Elite Four Appear!  
Battle! (Elite Four)   
Champion Steven    
Battle! (Steven)
Victory! (Steven)  
Room of Glory  
The Hall of Fame 
Ending Theme 
The End

Side H

Match Call
Battle Frontier
Battle Tower 
Obtained BP
Battle Factory 
Battle Arena
Battle Dome Lobby
Battle Dome Tournament
Battle Pike 
Battle Palace
Battle Pyramid  
Battle Pyramid Summit 
Battle Frontier Brain
Obtained A Battle Symbol