One Piece
One Piece
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One Piece

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One Piece's ultimate arc finally available on vinyl.

Determined to do battle with Kaido, Luffy is going to need his entire crew if he's to succeed. So much the better, as we finally meet up with Zoro, Robin, Franky and the rest of the crew. In this medieval Japanese atmosphere, the adventure promises to be thrilling!

With these BGMs, Kohei Tanaka, star composer of the entire One Piece series, revisits traditional Japanese songs to adapt them to the grand world of piracy, while adding more orchestral music. This allows fans to feel the epic yet terrifying side of this arc, which features one of the greatest battles in the entire One Piece saga.

Kohei Tanaka has also made a name for himself in other works such as Assassination Classroom and the Sakura Wars video game series.

Track List

A1. Wano Country – 3:39 Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme
A2. Ebisu Town's Theme 2:26
A3. Onigashima's Theme 2:18
A4. Kaidou's Theme 2:23 ~Dragon Transformation~
A5. Orochi Castle in Flames 1:47
A6. Fun Daily Life 2:02 ~Wano Country Arc~
A7. Eustass Kid's Theme 1:59
A8. Luffy ~Awakening~ 2.02
A9. Awakened Luffy's Performance 1:37 

B1. Headliners Appear 2:18 (Through Trap Door) ~Strolling (Pursuit)
B2. Luffy's Complete Defeat and 2:19 Unbreakable Heart
B3. Kaidou of the Beasts and Straw Hat 2:03 Luffy ~Confrontation~
B4. Kozuki Family's Theme ~Downfall~ 2:08
B5. Oden's Theme ~Wano Country Tour~ 1:55
B6. Kurozumi Orochi's Theme 2:08
B7. Oden's Public Execution 1:31
B8. Kozuki Oden's Feelings – 1:50 Open the Borders of Wano Country
B9. Depart! Nine Red Scabbards 2:50
B10. All Hands on Deck, Now to Onigashima 2:03
B11. Kyoshiro Joins the Fight! New Comrade 1:54