Norihito Sumitomo & Chiho Kiyooka: Volume 1
Norihito Sumitomo & Chiho Kiyooka: Volume 1
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Norihito Sumitomo & Chiho Kiyooka: Volume 1

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ETA July 2024 

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DRAGONBALL SUPER is a Japanese anime produced by Toei Animation Studios. Scripted by original Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama, it follows his work and begins shortly after my defeat of Boo in Dragon Ball Z..

"Four years after Boo's death, peace has returned to Earth, and everyone is living in peace.
Goku has become a farmer, and Vegeta spends time with his family. However, the desire to train and grow stronger never leaves them.
Goku goes to train with Master Kaio, who tells him that a powerful enemy has awakened from a 39-year slumber: Beerus, God of Destruction. The latter is looking for a warrior who appeared to him in a dream, the Divine Super Saiyen, against whom he wishes to measure himself."

The anime has been broadcast since 2017 in France on Toonami in a censored version, then in an uncensored version 1 month later. There are 131 episodes and 2 features.
The anime doesn't resume until 2025.