Mary and The Witch's Flower

Mary and The Witch's Flower

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This is a distribution title courtesy of Mondo.

Release Notes

  • Limited edition
  • Features original song by Sekai No Owari
  • Black wax vinyl


Mondo, in conjunction with Studio Ponoc, is proud to present a limited edition pressing of the full length soundtrack to their debut feature length animated film: MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER.

Composed and produced by Takatsugu Muramatsu, featuring an original song by SEKAI NO OWARI

Track Listing

1 Mary's Theme
2 The Fly-by-Night
3 Mary Helps Out
4 The Forest Tempts
5 The Witch's Flower
6 Misty Forest
7 The Broom Breathes
8 First Flight
9 Endor College
10 Introducing the College
11 Magic Science
12 A Strange Flower
13 The Stolen Flower
14 Our Home
15 The Imposter Witch
16 Mary Decides
17 Endor College at Night
18 Master Spells
19 The House Where Time Stopped
20 The "Fly-by-Night" (2)
21 The Last Powers
22 Let's Go Home, Together
23 Rainbow of Magic
24 Rain - Performed by Sekai No Owari