Hirokazu Tanaka - More Lost Tapes (2CD)

Hirokazu Tanaka - More Lost Tapes (2CD)

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ETA September 2024

This is a distribution title courtesy of SUPER FUJI DISCS.

Check out Lost Tapes 17, by Hirokazu Tanaka, on 1LP vinyl here.

Hirokazu Tanaka is a Japanese composer best known worldwide for game music such as the "Metroid" and "Mother" series, as well as music for the world-renowned "Pokemon".
The 50 songs from the 400 private demo tapes he recorded over the 30 years from 1981 to 2010 have been carefully selected and compiled into a 2-CD set.
This is the definitive edition following "LOST TAPES" (FJSP428) released in 2021.