Hatsune Miku Vinyl Encounter with the Dragon
Hatsune Miku Vinyl Encounter with the Dragon

Hatsune Miku Vinyl Encounter with the Dragon

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The 'Hatsune Miku Future with You Commemorative Vinyl: Encounter with the Dragon' is the first collector-grade vinyl audio gift box for Hatsune Miku in China, and also a significant 16th anniversary gift for Hatsune Miku. The album features 4 winning songs from the 'Hatsune Miku Future with You' song collection contest, along with a brand-new national style song titled 'Encounter with the Dragon'. 'Encounter with the Dragon' showcases the concept of 'A millennium of national style, thousands of miles for a majestic arrival, Hatsune Miku, in the grandeur of China, encounters the dragon.' The arrangement incorporates traditional instruments such as Bianzhong (ancient chimes), large drums, and Guzheng (Chinese zither), unveiling a magnificent presentation. The fusion of classical music and modern pop creates a uniquely wonderful chemical reaction.

Track List

A1   Pick Me Up
A2   Come Back~重返巅峰~
A3   踏步、出发
A4   My Stage With You
A5   遇龙