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"Dropsy? Now there's a name I have not heard in a long time..."

Well, that makes one of us, because composer Chris Schlarb's soundtrack hasn't left my rotation in the years since I first played Jay Tholen's brilliant wordless adventure. I remember the exact moment I decided to reach out to Chris Schlarb about a vinyl release: I was playing the game with my then six year old daughter, scouring the street as Dropsy for clues, as the sultry jazz of Kierkegaard's Neon Lights guided the tone in the background. My daughter took her hand off the mouse for a second and said, "This music..." she paused, finger to her chin, "... is really good." That was good enough for me.

Originally released as a 1LP in 2015, the soundtrack has been long since out of print and quite difficult to get your hands on. Especially at a decent price. Believe me, I've tried. So I decided to rectify that, and maybe go the extra mile as well, because if there's a soundtrack that deserves it, Dropsy certainly qualifies.

That's why I'm legitimately proud to offer this definitive version of the Dropsy OST to you, my hot little potatoes.

A deluxe 2LP release of the Dropsy soundtrack

Exclusive liner notes by Clint Basinger, host of the LGR (formerly Lazy Game Reviews) YouTube channel

Side A & B containing 28 tracks of the original soundtrack by Chris Schlarb

Side C containing 17 rare demo tracks from the Dropsy sessions

Side D containing the full Eternal Hug EP by game creator Jay Tholen (Hypnospace Outlaw, Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer), for the first time on vinyl

Cover design by Jay Tholen

Overall art design by Crisppyboat