Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack Best Collection
Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack Best Collection
Microids Records

Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack Best Collection

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ETA March '24

This si a distribution title courtesy of Microids Records. 

A selection of 15 pieces from the soundtrack of the cult Dragon Ball Z Anime - on a limited 2LP edition, fully licensed. Including the Main opening track "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA".
Dragon Ball Z resumes five years after Son Goku's wedding. Radditz, a mysterious warrior, arrives on Earth to find Goku, who learns that he comes from a planet of warriors from a planet of warriors, of which only four remain. The plot of the story is based on a succession of increasingly strong opponents to be fought, but there is also a but there's often a quest or travel context that adds interest beyond the duels.
The series has become a worldwide phenomenon, generating massive sales of merchandising merchandise and is considered one of the most influential anime franchises of all time. of all time.
Chiho Kiyooka (YU YU HAKUSHO), Takeshi Ike (TRANSFORMERS) and Keiju Ishikawa (GODZILLA) have collaborated on the iconic music for the animated series.
Vinyle 1
2. Exceptional 03:31
3. Battle (I-KU-SA) 03:55
4. Whole 04:04
5. Journey of Light 06:13
6. The Strongest Rival 03:45
7. HERO (You’re The Hero 04:10
Vinyle 2
1. MIND POWER –Ki – 05:47
2. Extreme 03:25
3. Blue Wind HOPE 03:44
4. The Burning 03:19
5. Soul 04:56
6. Rising High 04:04
8. We Were Angels 03:51