Cyberblock Metal Orange EX
Cyberblock Metal Orange EX
Cyberblock Metal Orange EX
Cyberblock Metal Orange EX
Very Ok Vinyl

Cyberblock Metal Orange EX

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Very Ok Vinyl is proud to present …

Cyberblock Metal Orange EX!

Bricks and spaceships and anime girls. Oh my! 

Fans of the 16-bit era chiptunes rejoice. Very Ok Vinyl has unearthed one of the best hidden gems from that era. Cyberblock Metal Orange showcases the adventures of Chip as she pilot’s a starship to destroy blocks and free damsels in distress… from their clothing. Such riveting gameplay requires a top-notch soundtrack and Metal Orange does not disappoint.

Featuring high energy music that is befitting the action platformer sound of the time, Metal Orange masterfully intertwines high energy melodies with an infectious catchiness. This is an instant classic for anyone who enjoys the exhilarating soundtracks of yesteryear.

For fans of the Megaman X, Castlevania, and Ys soundtracks.

Cyberblock Metal Orange is property of Custom Co.
Released with permission from Hirohiko Yanagi and Yoshio Furukawa.
All tracks composed by Yoshio Furukawa, Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata.
Sound sourced from a Sharp X68000 by Steve "ap0c" Lakawicz.
Audio pre-mastering by Jeffrey Roberts.
Mastered for vinyl by SoundProof MultiMedia.
Album art by Brandon Frasier (@tedbob84).
Centre Labels by Jordan McCormack.
Release coordinated and layout by Scott Geoffrey.