Chocobo & Chill

Chocobo & Chill

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Chocobo & Chill is an instrumental hip-hop tribute to the world of Final Fantasy.

Pressed on bright "Chocobo yellow" vinyl.

Chocobo & Chill features fifteen of Nobuo Uematsu’s beloved Final Fantasy tracks flipped and remixed by beat-maker Rifti Beats. Chocobo & Chill hits with nostalgic flair, taking inspiration from the Super Nintendo’s Final Fantasy VI and the Playstation era Final Fantasy VII - X.

The album begins with “The Prelude” and “Chocobo” — two iconic tunes found throughout the Final Fantasy series, making their first appearances on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Homages to “Final Fantasy VII” follow, with a gentle rendition of its main theme featuring pianist PianoDreams. This track previously appeared as the instrumental for “Lifestream” from Mega Ran’s Black Materia: The Remake. Fans of Final Fantasy 7 will also appreciate the sweet and melancholy “Aerith’s Theme”, and the iconic “Victory Fanfare”.


The Prelude (from Final Fantasy)
Chocobo (from Final Fantasy)
Final Fantasy VII feat. PianoDreams (Main Theme)
Aerith’s Theme (from Final Fantasy VII)
Breezy (from Final Fantasy VIII)
Victory Fanfare (from Final Fantasy VII)
Sight of Spira (from Final Fantasy X)
Crossing Those Hills (from Final Fantasy IX)
To Zanarkand (from Final Fantasy X)
Tidus’s Theme feat. Pontus Hultgren (from Final Fantasy X)
The Extreme (from Final Fantasy VIII)
Terra’s Theme (from Final Fantasy VI)
Balamb Garden (from Final Fantasy VIII)
Village of Dali (from Final Fantasy IX)
Song of Memories (from Final Fantasy IX)