Eastward Octopia - Cassette
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Eastward Octopia - Cassette

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ETA Q2 2024 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Lost in Cult & Black Screen Records. 

When Eastward was first announced back in 2018, it was heralded for its pixelated prowess and quirky sense of style. In the three years leading up to its release, the hype train continued to gather steam as more and more was unveiled. Upon launch, it became clear that Eastward was about so much more than just style. It had substance, too.

A modern celebration of early ‘90s video games, Pixpil’s Eastward delivers a poignant yet hopeful post-apocalyptic story set in a delightfully dark world. It’s a story of tribulation and triumph for a small indie studio and offers a thought-provoking exploration of societal constructs whilst also providing some warm-hearted and good-humoured fun. 

Eastward’s iconic art style is complemented perfectly by its incredible original soundtrack composed by Joel Corelitz. In celebration of Eastward’s recently launched and highly anticipated Octopia DLC, Black Screen Records and Lost In Cult Records have teamed up to bring you an exclusive opportunity to secure a series of beautiful Eastward OST items.


  • Includes the full Eastward Octopia soundtrack plus two additional bonus tracks that you won't find in the game
  • Music by Joel Corelitz


1. Welcome To Octopia! 2:57
2. Eternal Spring 2:19
3. Octopia 2:58
4. Growing Season 4:03
5. Cuisine Book 2:23
6. Raining Fish 1:16
7. Sleeping Seedlings 4:04

1. Blaster 2:04
2. Revival! Octopia! 3:00
3. Misty Hill 2:22
4. Underneath 1:57
5. Fishing Derby 2:10
6. The Guest 0:59
7. Previous Present 2:02