Cat Soup - Original Soundtrack
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Cat Soup - Original Soundtrack

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This is a distribution title courtesy of Sad Disco. 

More than 20 years after its release, the 2001 OVA work "Cat Soup" based on the "Nekojiru" manga by the tag team of Tatsuo Sato and Masaaki Yuasa, continues to attract a large cult-like fan base.
The soundtrack by Utollo Teshikai, which has been extremely difficult to find, is being reissued on CD and analog for the first time!
The composer, producer, and synthesizer player Utollo Teshikai is known not only as a composer and arranger who has provided music for many singers and musicians, including Shigeru Matsuzaki and Hiromi Ota, but also for his work on obscure and outstanding image albums, such as the soundtrack disc for picture book author Shigeru Tamura's works.

The album features a total of 19 gems, including dark ambient/new age compositions reminiscent of Italian cult noise artist Maurizio Bianchi, as well as fantastical compositions with ethnic moods.

This is a masterpiece that demonstrates the quintessence of Utollo Teshikai's ability to capture the sensibility of the original manga and anime, and to make it work as sound, music, and theatrical accompaniment.