Bloom Into You - Original Soundtrack
Bloom Into You - Original Soundtrack
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Bloom Into You - Original Soundtrack

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This is a Very Ok Vinyl distribution title. 

Yû enters high school hoping to finally discover love. But nothing happens, even when a boy makes a declaration...


She then meets Tôko, the perfect girl of the high school, in charge of the Students' Office and who seems to be like her because she rejects all her suitors.


Michiru OSHIMA is a prolific composer, arranger, conductor and lyricist, she started her career in background music for NHK (Japanese television) and movies. Her career is punctuated with participations and arrangements for major video games such as Ico (Playstation) or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo). But it is in animation that she writes her most emblematic compositions. She is at the origin of the music of the famous series Full Metal Alchemist, of 2 parts of Star Wars: Visions (The Elder, The Twins) among others.


With "Bloom into you", she signs a dreamlike ode that beautifully accompanies the two students in their quest for themselves


A1 In the Shadows of the Sunbeams 01:37

A2 Wandering Thoughts 01:53

A3 You Can Stay the Way You Are 02:14

A4 Sunrise 02:22

A5 A Couple of Sighs 01:37

A6 About to Be Trifled With 01:34

A7 Embrace 01:42

A8 I Don't Understand the Meaning of "Special“ 01:36

A9 Never Fall in Love with Me 02:19

B1 Touko Nanami's Confusion 02:14

B2 Expectations and Anxiety 01:55

B3 Repressed Memories 01:21

B4 Wavering Night 01:48

B5 Earnest Wish 02:58

B6 Embracing Loneliness 01:57

B7 Festering Thoughts 02:10

B8 I Want to See You 01:47

B9 Eye-Catch 1 00:07

B10 Eye-Catch2 00:08

B11 Eye-Catch 3 00:09