Beyond Good and Evil - 20th Anniversary
Beyond Good and Evil - 20th Anniversary
Wayo Records

Beyond Good and Evil - 20th Anniversary

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The 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good & Evil and its official soundtrack offer a refreshed yet faithful rendition of the game's original music. Utilizing a full orchestra, we preserved the unique, intimate feel of the compositions, often created through improvised sessions. The soundtrack includes new tracks, some recorded with unconventional instruments, celebrating the creativity that made the 2003 original and the franchise special.

“Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition and its official soundtrack are a true labor of love that give a beautiful new sheen to the notes and melodies of the game, yet always staying true to the emotions that resonated with the fans back then. While we had the means to work with a full-fledged orchestra this time around, we made sure to keep the quirky, intimate feel of the compositions that were, more often than not, the results of improvised jams and family reunions around an iron anvil or a toy ukulele. This soundtrack is an ode to a sort of colorful, artisanal and unbridled creativity, completed here with new tracks (including parts recorded on a broken guitar with an unconventional tuning), and the perfect celebration of all the little things that made the 2003 original and this franchise so special.”

-Christophe Héral


A1. In The Beginning
A2. Home Sweet Home
A3. Akuda House Propaganda
A4. Hillyan Safari
A5. DomZ Metallic Menace
A6. Hillyan Ballad
A7. Indulgent Dad
A8. Revealing Photo
A9. Salud Juanito!

B1. Ming's Melody
B2. Palinurus Plight
B3. Unacceptable Losses
B4. Monkey Business
B5. Slipping In
B6. Mammago Garage
B7. Hillyan Tour
B8. Always Crabby
B9. When DomZ Attack

C1. Funky Racing
C2. Pirate Warrior
C3. About Jade
C4. Black Isle Welcome
C5. Self-Destruction
C6. Barbara Bots
C7. Enfants Disparus
C8. Alpha Section Alert
C9. Mine-Ful
C10. In Hot Pursuit
C11. Hillyan Ballad (Composer's Cut)

D1. Slaughterhouse Scramble
D2. Guiding Light
D3. Fear The Reaper
D4. Say Cheese, Fellas
D5. Something Completely Different
D6. Free Your Mind
D7. Thoughtful Reflection
D8. Caught In The Act
D9. Factory Secrets
D10. Redemption