A Highland Song
A Highland Song
A Highland Song
A Highland Song
A Highland Song
Black Screen Records

A Highland Song

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ETA Q2 2024 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Black Screen Records. 


  • Original score composed by Laurence Chapman, featuring two multi-award-winning giants of the Scottish folk scene, TALISK and Fourth Moon.
  • Pressed on dark green BioVinyl housed in a gatefold cover
  • Cover and gatefold artwork by Scottish artist Paul Scott Canavan (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering).
  • Includes 12” art card of original artwork.
  • Includes digital illustrated music sheets


Uncover the secrets of the Scottish Highlands with this beautiful vinyl release of “A Highland Song”, brought to you by Lost In Cult in collaboration with Black Screen Records and Inkle Studios.  

Moira McKinnon has never seen the sea. Tired of her life of seclusion, she runs away from home in search of adventure. A lighthouse can be seen in the distance, but to reach it she must overcome a beautiful yet perilous journey across the Scottish Highlands. 

This authentic Scottish score is comprised of a suite of hauntingly beautiful original tracks by Laurence Chapman (Heaven’s Vault, Total War) complemented by iconic hits from Scottish folk industry legends TALISK and Fourth Moon that provide a rapturous, virtuosic sense of rhythm to Moira’s great journey through a wilderness of paths, peaks, dangers and song.

This record comes in luscious dark green eco-friendly BioVinyl and features beautiful artwork from Scottish artist Paul Scott Canavan, known for his work on Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. Paul has developed a beautiful piece of cover art showing Moira gazing out at the game’s iconic lighthouse, as well as a breathtaking gatefold view of an authentic interpretation of Scottish scenery. Take in the view in your own time with a 12” art print to frame on your wall. 

Joseph Humfrey, co-founder of Inkle Studios, shared with us his thoughts on bringing this soundtrack to vinyl: “Teaming up with TALISK and Fourth Moon has been a dream come true, adding an incredible layer of authenticity and vibrant energy to A ‘Highland Song’. The transition to vinyl? That's beyond thrilling for all of us.”

Jon Ingold, the writer of A Highland Song and previously Heaven’s Vault, adds: “Laurence Chapman’s scintillating score crests the hills and roams the valleys, bringing to mind foggy mornings, soaring views, long walks and quiet nights under the stars. Rich, haunting and atmospheric, it will take listeners on an unforgettable journey.”


A01 A Highland Song - Laurence Chapman
A02 Montreal - Talisk
A03 I Know Every Stone - Laurence Chapman
A04 Glasgow Roaster - Fourth Moon
A05 Each Moor and Meadow - Laurence Chapman
A06 Celestial - Fourth Moon 

B01 Some Forgotten, Some True - Laurence Chapman
B02 Echo - Talisk
B03 The Beltane Tide - Laurence Chapman
B04 You Will Remember, Won't Ye? - Laurence Chapman
B05 The Hills - Talisk
B06 Fantasia on A Highland Song - Laurence Chapman