The Legend of Heroes Trails In the Sky the 3rd
The Legend of Heroes Trails In the Sky the 3rd
The Legend of Heroes Trails In the Sky the 3rd
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The Legend of Heroes Trails In the Sky the 3rd

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ETA Q2 2024 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Streaming Arrow Records.  

Release Notes 
  • First vinyl pressing of The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Second Chapter's Soundtrack
  • The complete original soundtrack to The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky the 3rd.
  • All music has been remastered to sound the best it can on vinyl.
  • Pressed across four 12" 180gram vinyl records
  • 8 Page Art booklet with lyric sheet translations for "Cry for Me, cry for you" and "Looking Up at the Sky (Ending Version)"
  • Limited edition variant features 10 unique, 12 counting repeating "Character Rainbow" splatters selected after characters featured in Sky Second Chapter.
  • Each release will be housed in two heavyweight 350 gsm gatefold jackets enclosed by a Slipcase.


Side A

Cry for Me, Cry for You Opening Version
Luxury Airship "Lusitania"
Singularity of the Origin
The Stone of Recluse
Uninvited Guests
Side B

Uninvited Guests
Fighting Right On
This Is Our Real Power!
The Garden of Recluse
The Circular Corridor
Determination of Fight
Close to the Brink

Side C

Oh Goddess, Have Mercy...
Cradle Where Feelings Rest
Parallel Universe
The Castle at Dusk
I've Forgotten You
Golden Road, Silver Road
Something Precious

Side D

Illusionary Blue Flower
A Still World
Beard the Lion in His Den
The Crimson Stigma
The Lord of Phantasma
Labyrinth of Light and Shadow
The Black Ark

Side E

Aster House
Stairway to Gehenna
The Abyss
Masquerade of Lies

Side F

The Final Choice
Overdosing Heavenly Bliss
Magnificence in the Wilderness
Castle of Illusions (Phantasmagoria)
The Way of the Heart

Side G

Cry for your Eternity
Banquet of frenzy
Dreamy and Boisterous Holy Land
To Meet Again Someday

Side H

Looking Up at the Sky Ending version
Faint Glitter of Light (Title)
Wildcat's Counteroffensive Operation
Forever Great Angler King
Till the Night of Glory
The Mood of the Goddess Depends on Luck
The Mystery of the Sky is Kiseki de Pon!
Cry for Me, Cry for You