The Aquarium Does Not Dance
The Aquarium Does Not Dance
The Aquarium Does Not Dance
The Aquarium Does Not Dance
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The Aquarium Does Not Dance

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ETA September 2024

This is a distribution title courtesy of Frontier Works.

``Aquarium Doesn't Dance''

was developed and completed by Mr. Tojo, an author who hates horror, by himself for 8 years.

100,000 DLs in just 2 days after its release in February 2024, and has continued to be played ever since. The number of downloads has now exceeded 250,000 and the buzz is still growing, thanks to word of mouth on commentary and social media!
Among the music that colors the beautiful yet frightening aquarium that is the setting of the game, it is used in memorable scenes such as the title screen. The BGM sound source composed by Kokoro Mashima will be released as an analog record!

Enjoy the physical and nostalgic analog sound source along with the memories of the story told at Bianca Aquarium.

 Product specifications ■
・12-inch analog record edition
・Newly drawn jacket illustration and reversible design by game creator Toshio
・Included liner notes include character dressing room talks newly written by Toshiko
・Bonus track by Kokoro Mashima Contains a self-arrangement by
(Tr.13 is a new recording for this vinyl edition)

1.Title / Summer, to pick up what I forgot
2. Deep Sea Library / Smoky Room
3.Exploration 1 / Suspicious figure
4. Chasing the hermit crab / I can hear the sigh
5. Kitty / Dawn is calling
6.Station /Hospital/Misty Lake
7. Exploration 2 / Trapped in the momentary gap
8. Scallops and tub boat / Dry morning
9. Murderous Spirit/Dance with a Demonic Spirit (Aquarium does not dance Ver.)
10. Reunion / Deep Sea Classroom
11.Title arrangement
12.Station /hospital arrangement
13. Reunion arrangement