Saint Seiya - Volume 2
Saint Seiya - Volume 2
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Saint Seiya - Volume 2

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ETA MAY 2024

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The Knights of the Zodiac, always on the attack...

Saint Seiya, also known as the Knights of the Zodiac, is a Japanese animated series created by Masami Kurumada in 1986. It tells the story of the Knights of Bronze who fight to protect the goddess Athena. The series was a huge success and spawned an extensive franchise, with TV series, films, video games, figurines and toys.

Track list

A1. Evil Goddess Eris

A2. In a Dream

A3. Sagittarius Knight

A4. Go to Athena !

A5. Take Flight, Pegasus !

A6. Grand Master Ares

B1. Three Arias

B2. Another Field

B3. Guidance from the Guardian Constellation

B4. Athena's Theme

C1. Crisis―Coming Threat

C2. Night Before the Battle

C3. The Great Gold Knights

C4. The Seventh Sense

D1. Ikki's Theme

D2. New Threat of War

D3. Group of Assassins

D4. Clash ! Sanctuary

D5. Tranquility

D6. Cosmo of Friendship