Pizza Tower
Pizza Tower
Pizza Tower
Pizza Tower
Pizza Tower
Materia Collective

Pizza Tower

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ETA June 2024 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Materia Collective. 

The original soundtrack for Pizza Tower, composed by Ronan "Mr. Sauceman" de Castel, ClascyJitto and Post Elvis, finally comes to vinyl! We've got a prime selection of the game's score, unlooped, no transitions and several pig sounds in a single track, all on gorgeous 180g vinyl.

Other credits: Guitar (Pizza Mayhem): Jared "Jack Knife" Shaw
Vocals (Pizza Mayhem): Bernadette "kyoobot" Perez

Track list

Side A

  1. Pizza Deluxe
  2. It's Pizza Time!
  3. Cold Spaghetti
  4. Put on a Show!
  5. The Death that I Deservioli
  6. Dungeon Freakshow

Side B

  1. Pepperman Strikes!
  2. Oregano Mirage
  3. Tombstone Arizona
  4. Yeehaw Deliveryboy
  5. Wudpecker
  6. Good Eatin'
  7. Extraterrestrial Wahwahs

Side C

  1. Pumpin' Hot Stuff
  2. Don't Preheat your Oven Because if you do the Song Won't Play
  3. Peppino's Sauce Machine
  4. Pizza Time Never Ends
  5. Thousand March
  6. Pizza Mayhem

Side D

  1. Unexpectancy, Pt. 1
  2. Unexpectancy, Pt. 2
  3. Unexpectancy, Pt. 3
  4. Secret Hoppin' King's Mix
  5. Bye Bye There!