Hymn of the Crystals
Hymn of the Crystals
Mana Wave Media

Hymn of the Crystals

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This is a Very Ok Vinyl Distribution title. 

Press of 1000, 500 of each colorway.

Mana Wave Media and Malcolm Robinson's follow up to Symphony of Zeal is here!

Final Fantasy IV: Orchestral Selections are now a special flippable release: it's both Tales from the Spoony Bard and Hymn of the Crystals!

Featuring brand new medieval tapestry themed artwork by Cathy Kwan (Symphony of Zeal, Mondo's Shazam), an OBI strip, spot gloss on a 24pt jacket, labels unique to each colorway, this is a release unlike any other.

Malcolm's arrangements can be listened to on his YouTube channel.

Side A

The Red Wings
Kingdom of Baron
Theme of Love
Into the Darkness
Boss Battle
Bomb Ring

Side B

Four Fiends
The Lunarians
Within the Giant
Final Battle

Original compositions by Nobuo Uematsu. Arrangements by Malcolm Robinson.

Final Fantasy is © Square Enix. Mana Wave Media, LLC and its respective artists are in no way associated, authorized, endorsed by, or officially connected with Square Enix with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © Square Enix and are used with permission via mechanical licensing. Mechanical licensing facilitated by The Harry Fox Agency LLC. d/b/a Songfile.

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