Super Dodge Ball
Super Dodge Ball
Super Dodge Ball
Channel 3 Records

Super Dodge Ball

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This is a distribution record courtesy of Channel 3 Records.

Blue Namennayo Variant. 

CH3-005: Super Dodge Ball NES OST.

Composed by Kazuo Sawa and released by Technos Japan in 1988 (1989 in North America), Super Dodge Ball is often considered among the best multiplayer NES games. Relive the original soundtrack on vinyl for the first time.

Produced by Channel 3 Records, this 1LP vinyl release boasts the following deluxe features:

  • Brand new artwork commissioned by original Kunio-kun and Super Dodge Ball artist Koji Ogata (緒方 孝治).
  • A die-cut, heavyweight gatefold jacket with spot UV and soft-touch matte finishes, complete with a double-sided heavyweight inner sleeve, as well as full color inner-gatefold printing of the Super Dodge Ball Logo.
  • A 100% recycled rubber turntable slipmat, screen-printed red and boasting the Japanese Super Dodge Ball logo.
  • An included sticker sheet, made to scale with the inner gatefold, allowing you to create your own game of Super Dodge Ball directly on the jacket.