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This is a distribution title courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

“Shikisaikankkau” is the album released right before Tomoko Aran’s 3rd album “Fuyu kukan”, which is famous both in Japan and abroad as a masterpiece of city pop.

Released in 1982, this work was produced by Masanori Sasaji of Mariah. In addition, members of Yasuaki Shimizu, Takayuki Hijikata, Morio Watanabe and Mariah participated in the backing performance.

In addition, Akira Takasaki of Loudness and Masayoshi Ando of T-SQAURE are also participating artists!

Considered a masterpiece of NEW WAVE, this is the long-awaited first reissue.

The 2023 remastered sound source is used, and the cutting was done by Warner Music Mastering."