Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower
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Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower

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ETA Q2 2024. 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Rambling Records. 

STUDIO4℃×Osamu Tezuka

A story of the love and adventure of a woman who lived for 1300 years.

``Phoenix'' Nostalgia Arc has been made into two animated works with different endings!

Theatrical release of the movie “Firebird Eden no Hana” / Disney Plus “Firebird Eden no Sora” world exclusive distribution

Master Osamu Tezuka is hailed as the "God of Manga" and is still revered all over the world. Of the 12 stories in the timeless masterpiece "The Phoenix," which became his masterpiece and life's work, the "Nostalgia Chapter," which depicts the future of the earth and the universe in which we live, will finally be made into an animated film for the first time. STUDIO4°C, which continues to create artistic video works, was the one who completed the spectacular spectacle, which took seven years to create. The voice actors include Rie Miyazawa, who plays the main characters Romi, Yosuke Kubozuka, Issey Ogata, Honoka Yoshida, Shintaro Asanuma, and Ryohei Kimura. A gorgeous voice actor team gathers to make a timeless masterpiece into a movie. The person in charge of the music is Takatsugu Muramatsu, who is active in a wide range of areas including film music and providing music for numerous artists. The music, which has both a grand scale and a poetic feel, gently envelops the story.



01. Prologue
02. Unexpected Error
03. Sprint in Danger
04. Reality
05. Joyful Trotting
06. Inorganic Creature
07. New World
08. Despair
09. Encounter


01. Dropping
02. Cruel Reality
03. Escape
04. Brave Determination
05. Another Planet
06. Dark Spacecraft
07. Growth Alone
08. Enigmatic Trouble
09. Dark Tunnel


01. Nightmare
02. Sudden Attack
03. Glorious Appearance
04. Philosophy of Eden
05. Beginning...
06. Nostalgia
07. Destroying Future
08. Devastated Illusion


01. Soul of the Earth
02. Peaceful Air
03. Rescue
04. Lost Future
05. Greedy
06. Contrary
07. Battle
08. Beautiful Land