Mili - Miracle Milk

Mili - Miracle Milk

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This is a distribution title courtesy of KAIJU PANDA RECORD.

Mili, a "world-class music production group" that has provided songs for numerous video games and anime productions, has made a name for itself in the vortex of the subculture / internet.
Their popular 2nd ALBUM "Miracle Milk" originally released in 2016, which still exudes an overwhelming presence, is now available in a long-awaited analog version!!
The fantastic and classical sound of this work is accompanied by the vocals of Cassie Wei, who has an angelic voice and a fragile yet intense presence that tells a story.
Limited analog reformatted version of the 18-track, double-LP!!
Formed in 2012, Mili is an independent band consisting of composer/arranger Yamato Kasai, lyricist/vocalist Cassie Wei, bassist Yukihito, drummer Shoto Yoshida, and illustrator Ao Fujimori. They are a world-class music production group that produces theme songs for video games and anime, performed not only in Japan but also overseas, and have a passionate fan base all over the world.

song list

Disc 1

  • A1. Red Dahlia
  • A2. Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery
  • A3.RTRT _
  • A4. Unidentified Flavorful Object
  • B1. Meatball Submarine
  • B2. Vulnerability
  • B3. Yoga Resonance -NENTEN-
  • B4. Bathtub Mermaid

Disc 2

  • C1. Cerebrite
  • C2. Space Colony
  • (me);
  • C4. Utopiosphere -Platonism
  • C5. Painful Death for the Lactose Intolerant
  • D1. YUBIKIRI-GENMAN -special edit
  • D2. Sl0t
  • D3. Past the Stargazing Season
  • D4. Colorful
  • D5. Komm, susser Tod