Kowloon's Gate
Kowloon's Gate
Great Tracks

Kowloon's Gate

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The first vinyl release of the soundtrack to the legendary 1997 PlayStation game 'Kowloon's Gate.' Music by the master of contemporary music, Kuniaki Haishima.

Track Listings

1 Kowloon's Gate
2 Hong Kong Supreme Feng Shui Council
3 Town of Pleasure
4 Re?Try
5 Wang Ning Road
6 Seafood Center
7 Item Battle
8 Happy Hour
9 Town of Water
10 Derby Man
11 The Diviner's Theme
12 Kowloon Front
13 Hong Kong Style Great House (Ryu-Joh Road)
14 Divination Room
15 Qing Dynasty
16 Ending Theme