Frog Fractions
Frog Fractions
Frog Fractions
Turtle Pals Tapes

Frog Fractions

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ETA JAN 2024 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Turtle Pals Tapes. 

Be a frog! Do fractions! What else could one want? Vinyl? We have you covered! With the help of the magic record wizards, you can now spin Frog Fractions: Soundtrack of the Decade Edition on your turntable! Available in both "Bug Mars Orange" and "Lily Pad Green," these froggy tunes are sure to blast your amphibious socks right off your webbed feet!


1. Here Comes Twinbeard!
2. Rimushotto Bungie Jump!
3. Pond Life
4. Aqua Petzold
5. Get Your Ass to Mars
6. I'll Follow the Shark
7. Curiosity
8. Go! Go! Foreign Emissary
9. The Hubward Annex
10. Eyes Open
11. Discourse Pals
12. Sup Surf?

13. Home is Where Your Stuff Is
14. Skip Says Hi
15. Slyboots
16. I'm Awkward / Smells Like Trouble
17. Fetch
18. Shovels Down, Ladders Up
19. Machinations of an Amphibian Sort
20. The Operative
21. The Incredible Late Battle
22. Lacrimosa XL
23. See You, Swamp Cowboy