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ETA May '24 

This is a distribution title courtesy of Iam8bit.

Release Notes
  • 2xLP on Classic Black Vinyl
  • Music by Jamal Green and Launchable Socks
  • Album art by Nuri Durr 

A good photo tour just isn’t complete without the addition of some catchy tunes, and the chill sounds of developer/publisher Something We Made’s TOEM certainly fits that bill. From light acoustic diddies punctuated by whistle-filled choruses to whimsical electronic beats that would make a vintage Omnichord proud, TOEM’s music has all the plucky homemade charm of the game’s world, translated into pure audio bliss.

So, of course, iam8bit jumped at the chance to immortalize composer Jamal Green’s soundtrack on 2xLP, pressed on classic black vinyl. We’ve also included, for your listening pleasure, a download code for the digital soundtrack.

An adventure as special as TOEM demands a unique approach to packaging and presentation. That’s why we enlisted artist Nuri Durr to create a photo album-inspired jacket design, and Nuri absolutely nailed it. On the outside, a humble faux-folio, complete with gold embellishments and a rustic leather-like look. And on the inside, it’s packed with — what else? — photos of all your favorite memories from the game, so you can relive them over & over as you enjoy TOEM’s dulcet, peaceful music.