Quake 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Quake 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Quake 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Laced Records

Quake 2 (Original Soundtrack)

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Release Notes
  • Standard Edition: traditional black LPs
  • 19 tracks from the 1997 first-person shooter
  • Sleeve artwork by id Software and Jason Williford

Laced Records, id Software and Bethesda proudly present the music of seminal 1997 first-person shooter Quake II on vinyl.

19 specially remastered tracks by Sonic Mayhem and Jer Sypult will be pressed onto heavyweight discs. Sleeve artwork is by id Software, with Jason Williford providing character illustrations.

The bulk of the soundtrack was created by Sascha Dikiciyan aka Sonic Mayhem — his first game project among an enviably long credits list. Having caught id Software’s ear with an unofficial Quake album (alongside production partner Dave Valencia), Sonic Mayhem and id Software went on to develop Quake II’s trademark aggro-industrial metal sound, inspired in part by Metallica. The killer riffs, repeated for effect, urge players forward through the Strogg city and beyond, a trail of gibs in their wake. Jer Sypult’s “Climb” complements the selection with its driving industrial groove.