Penny's Big Breakway
Penny's Big Breakway
Kid Katana Records

Penny's Big Breakway

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Step right up, ⁢dear music aficionados! Welcome to the melodic adventure of Penny’s Big Breakaway, the long-awaited kinetic 3D-platformer developed by Evening Star and published by Private Division (Take-Two Interactive).

The composer team behind‌ Sonic Mania, led by Tee Lopes, present a new masterpiece, crafted ‌with love and finesse. This colorful soundtrack features various vibes, from funk to rock with even house and EDM accents. So sit ⁣back, and let the‍ groovy waves wash over you.

Track List

A1. Tee Lopes - Call me the Yotagonist
A2. Tee Lopes - Bauhaus Breakdown
A3. Sean Bialo - Hello Macaroon
A4. Tee Lopes - Jig's up, Penny
A5. Sean Bialo - Trick of the Wrist
A6. Tee Lopes - Pensive at the Afterparty
A7. Sean Bialo - Penny in a Pinch
A8. Tee Lopes - Refracting Feelings
A9. Sean Bialo - Sleep? No, Throwdown!
A10. Sean Bialo - Land-ho Diabolo!

B1. Tee Lopes - Palling Around
B2. Tee Lopes & Christian Whitehead - Sparks of the Cobalt Sands
B3. Sean Bialo - Scientific Method
B4. Tee Lopes - Tutto Finisce a Tarallucci e Vino
B5. Tee Lopes & Christian Whitehead - Sudzsy Swings at the Natural Springs
B6. Tee Lopes - Strongman
B7. Tee Lopes - Mano-e-Yo-Yo
B8. Hunter Bridges - Stargazer

C1. Tee Lopes - Breakaway
C2. Tee Lopes - Outside the Eidophusikon
C3. Tee Lopes - Puppet Pioneer
C4. Tee Lopes - Balearic Birds
C5. Tee Lopes & Christian Whitehead - Chromatic Oscillations
C6. Hunter Bridges - It's a Biguin Now!
C7. Tee Lopes - Maxims and Misfits
C8. Sean Bialo - By the Book
C9. Tee Lopes & Christian Whitehead - Scales of Justice

D1. Tee Lopes - Gig's on, Penny
D2. Tee Lopes & Christian Whitehead - Palace Sneaktime Swing
D3. Sean Bialo - Triadic Ballet
D4. Sean Bialo - Cosmic Curtain Call
D5. Sean Bialo - Wind it up Yo
D6. Tee Lopes - Bop-it Comet
D7. Tee Lopes - Wax Lyricool
D8. Tee Lopes - Don't Trick the Sun
D9. Hunter Bridges & Jameson Sutton - Proxima