One Piece: Stampede
One Piece: Stampede
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One Piece: Stampede

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ETA January 2024

This is a distribution title courtesy of Microids Records. 

Kohei Tanaka worked on the composition and arrangement of this album.

One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy whose body became elastic after eating a Devil Fruit. Luffy decides to become the Pirate King and find the One Piece, a legendary treasure hidden on Raftel Island.


Kaizoku Banpaku no Theme 02:52Kaizoku Banpaku Kaimaku! 01:43We Are! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~ 01:34Saiaku no Sedai ~Rookie Toujou~ 01:59A THOUSAND DREAMERS 〜STAMPEDE Ver.〜 01:17Luffy Ketsudan! 02:11Yurusenai Yatsu to wa, Tatakae! 〜STAMPEDE Ver. 〜 00:55Bullet Toujou _Shizuka na Kyoufu 02:43Futashika na Fuon 01:31Zoro VS Fujitora 00:26Honki no Usopp 00:47Memories 〜STAMPEDE Ver.〜 01:40Saishuu Sensou no Jokyoku 〜 Kaigun no Kakugo 〜 02:14FACE B :Tachiagaru Luffy 02:38Kyoutou Kaishi 01:05Sentou Kaishi ~Kyoutou 1~ 05:59Tayoreru Otoko Luffy ~Kyoutou 2~ 03:51We Go! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~ 03:16