Murder By Numbers (Original Soundtrack)
Murder By Numbers (Original Soundtrack)
Murder By Numbers (Original Soundtrack)
Murder By Numbers (Original Soundtrack)
Murder By Numbers (Original Soundtrack)
Black Screen Records

Murder By Numbers (Original Soundtrack)

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Black Screen Records, Mediatonic and The Irregular Corporation are celebrating Murder By Numbers' first anniversary with a beautiful vinyl release of Masakazu Sugimori's catchy upbeat soundtrack to Mediatonic’s investigative puzzle game / visual novel.

The full soundtrack will be available on limited edition opaque purple & yellow vinyl and comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with art by the Mediatonic team, character design by the incomparable Hato Moa - creator of Hatoful Boyfriend - and with additional graphic design by Dane Baudoin and includes a free Bandcamp Code for the digital soundtrack and a cute little SCOUT enamel pin. 

"When I say that I’m a major Japanese game music nerd, I mean it. Like, really mean it. And yet, when I found out that Sugimori-san had agreed to compose the soundtrack for Murder by Numbers, alongside the excitement and disbelief was this deep sinking feeling in my stomach. How were we going to make a game that could possibly match the quality of his work?!

Sure enough, Sugimori-san delivered a soundtrack that ranks among his best, and it set a high bar for the whole team to aspire towards. I’m so thrilled that we can now offer the soundtrack on a wider release, and also in this glorious vinyl form. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far - and I hope that, as you listen to the songs, it brings back warm memories of the time you spent with Honor and SCOUT." - Ed Fear

"I am incredibly happy that a vinyl record of the "Murder by Numbers" soundtrack has been made! In Japan, where I live, even if a game music soundtrack is produced, it is exceedingly rare for it to be a vinyl record, and as such I was surprised when I heard this would happen. I am confident that music and games can be enjoyed across ethnicities, nationalities, ages, and genders. Please enjoy Scout and Honor's adventures, woven together by the power of the game’s music!" - Masakazu Sugimori


Masakazu Sugimori is a video game composer well-known for his soundtracks to such titles as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Viewtiful Joe, Ghost Trick, and the Dragon Ball Heroes series. Murder by Numbers represents his first contribution as composer to a game primarily developed outside of Japan. Sugimori currently resides in Osaka.


Solve Pixel Puzzles to find clues. Use those clues to interrogate witnesses. Work your way to the truth ... and uncover the mystery of Murder by Numbers! Investigate a range of murders across TV studios, glitzy award shows, drag clubs, and more - all set to an energetic soundtrack from famed composer Masakazu Sugimori.




A01. Honor's Theme (02:16)

A02. Gridmoore Studios - A Case Close to Home (02:27)

A03. SCOUT's On The Case! (02:26)

A04. Turning Tides (02:10)

A05. Scouring the Scene (02:50)

A06. Detective Cross - Justice Takes Time (02:27)

A07. Puzzle - The Unbeatable Duo (02:59)


B01. Crisis Comes (02:28)

B02. K.C. - Artiste Extraordinaire (02:21)

B03. Memories of Dad (02:28)

B04. Puzzle - The Digital Detective (02:57)

B05. A Dark Turn (01:55)

B06. Eccentrics-R-Us (02:28)

B07. Orpheus Theater - Anyone Who's Anyone (02:06)

B08. Puzzle - On The Right Path (02:55)


C01. The Starshine Awards (02:26)

C02. Becky - Center of Attention (01:55)

C03. We've Got Them! (02:01)

C04. Jena - Misplaced Loyalties (02:16)

C05. Magellan's - A Port in the Storm (02:44)

C06. Carefree Days (01:58)

C07. The Only Way is Forward (01:47)

C08. Puzzle - Got Your Back (02:59)


D01. One Story Ends, Another Begins (03:05)

D02. Hypothesis - One Step Forward (01:48)

D03. Lethe Security (02:37)

D04. Mistakes We Can't Erase (03:48)

D05. Puzzle - Towards the Truth (02:58)

D06. The Price of Justice (02:13)

D07. Honor's Theme (Vocal Ver.) (00:47) [Lyrics by Ed Fear]



Music by Masakazu Sugimori

Lyrics by Ed Fear

Game by Mediatonic

Published by The Irregular Corporation Ltd