Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) *PREORDER*
Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) *PREORDER*
Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) *PREORDER*
Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) *PREORDER*
Laced Records

Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) *PREORDER*

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ETA Q2 2023

This is a Very Ok Vinyl Distribution Title.

Release Notes
  • 20 remastered tracks from the open-world multiplayer Fallout title
  • Music drawn from launch OST and update soundtracks up to and including Night Of The Moth
  • Two heavyweight discs in black and transparent yellow
  • Deluxe gatefold sleeve
  • Artwork by Bethesda Game Studios

To celebrate the Fallout series’ 25th Anniversary, the Vault Dwellers at Bethesda Game Studios and Laced Records have finished tinkering in their C.A.M.P. workshop and emerged with freshly crafted vinyl sets.

This Fallout 76 double LP features a carefully curated selection of 20 remastered tracks selected from the game’s launch OST and updates up to and including Night Of The Moth, pressed to heavyweight black and transparent yellow discs, and housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Sleeve artwork is by the game’s art team, featuring the iconic Power Armor.

One of video games’ greatest composers, Inon Zur first worked on a Fallout title over 20 years ago; and, as lead composer since Fallout 3, he has been able to shape the wasteland’s soundworld. For Fallout 76, he complemented the post-apocalyptic visuals of Appalachia with a score full of beauty, nature and space to breathe — tinged with danger and darkness, naturally. Through mysteriously interwoven instrumentation — leaning on strings and woodwinds in particular — Zur captures a sense of camaraderie, hope and rebuilding that is unique to this multiplayer open-world entry in the series.