Celeste: Farewell
Celeste: Farewell
Celeste: Farewell
Celeste: Farewell
Ship To Shore Phonograph Co.

Celeste: Farewell

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This is a Very Ok Vinyl Distribution Title. 

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the soundtrack to the long awaited final chapter of CelesteCeleste: Farewell. Going beyond the themes and motifs of the original Celeste soundtrack, Farewell takes listeners on a final trip through Celeste Mountain. 

Featuring new artwork by Nina Matsumoto.

Side A

1. The Empty Space Above
2. Fear of the Unknown
3. Joy of Remembrance
4. In Stasis
5. Crash
6. Beyond the Heart

Side B

1. Final Defiance
2. Futility
3. Reconciliation
4. Farewell
5. The Woman and the Bird
6. Vovô e Vovò
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