Blaseball: Discipline
Blaseball: Discipline
Blaseball: Discipline

Blaseball: Discipline

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This is a distribution title courtesy of iam8bit.


    • 2xLP Gatefold Jacket Vinyl with Marbled Vinyl
    • Music by "the garages"
    • Album Art by Mark Borgions
    • Trading Card Art by Niki Waters
    • Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering

    Henceforth & Hooray - it is to be declared herein, that iam8bit has teamed up with the marvelous maniacs, The Game Band (not a musical band) and another equally lovely band, "the garages" (an actual musical band), to produce our MOST AMBITIOUS VINYL SOUNDTRACK EVER. Said wax & groove artifact is regarding the ongoing cultural event phenomenon known as Blaseball, which prior to this record manifesting into existence, had a reputation for containing absolutely no audio at all. But now, thanks to The Garages, a soundtrack has been concocted, themed upon the historically significant “DISCIPLINE Era,” which was allegedly also the first era, inspiring the multi-dozen-member Garages ensemble to write a whole bunch of songs about it, including the global smash hits “The Ballad of the Unremarkable Derrick Kreuger” and “In The Feedback” - each of which have been listened to so many times, the internet gave up counting. This album is so freakin’ good, y’all!

    [A Side]

    01. The Return
    02. A Horrible Mistake We Will Make Again and Again
    03. The First Ain't the Last
    04. The Ballad of Unremarkable Derrick Krueger
    05. Fight Gods
    06. Nut Economy

    [B Side]

    01. In My Arms
    02. Beautiful Day
    03. In the Feedback
    04. Go Deify Yourself
    05. Into the Void

    [C Side]

    01. Rise
    02. Ruby Tuesday
    03. No Half Measures
    04. Shelled
    05. Flickering
    06. Boss Battle I

    [D Side]

    01. Riv
    02. Morning is Coming
    03. We May Not Look Like Much
    04. Boss Battle II
    05. Godspeed Reprise
    06. Everyone That's Left